Sierra Harvest’s Sustainable Food and Farm Conference – Feb. 7-10, 2019

The Sustainable Food and Farm Conference, organized by Sierra Harvest will take place Feb. 7-10, 2019 in Nevada County, USA. Learn from local and national experts in the sustainable farming and ranching movement. Highlights include a Friday Farm tour, Saturday keynote talks, a food and farming exposition with 30 vendors and over 20 workshops on Sunday designed for foodies, farmers, gardeners and homesteaders.  Check the conference website for more info as the weekend plans are finalized:


The mission of Sierra Harvest’s Sustainable Food & Farm Conference is to:
-stimulate and motivate members in our community to become active in our local food and farm movement
-educate through internationally recognized, dynamic speakers
-foster a sense of community within our local food and farming movement, and
-bring greater awareness and support to our local food and farming movement.

By far, it was the best agricultural conference I have attended, very positive with practical information that I can put to use on my own farm as well as within our publications as we provide valuable information for other farmers.


Daniga - key note speaker farm conference 2019DONIGA MARKEGARD

Author of Dawn Again: Tracking the Wisdom of the Wild, regenerative rancher, Doniga brings a perspective rooted in nature. Mentored by leading wildlife trackers, naturalists and Native Spiritual leaders and with a background in permaculture, Doniga brings a unique perspective to Regenerative Agricultural practices. She is dedicated to working the with the land and her community through regenerative ranching practices that build soil, sequester carbon, capture and purify water and enhance habitat. Read more about Doniga.


Full Belly Farm is a 400-acre certified organic farm located in the beautiful Capay Valley of Northern California, north of Sacramento and the San Francisco Bay area. Full Belly has been farmed using organic practices since 1985 and is certified by California Certified Organic Farmers. With help from about 80 employees, the farm produces an amazing diversity of vegetables, herbs, nuts, flowers, and fruits year-round. The farm also has a flock of chickens and sheep, a tribe of goats, and several cows. Read more about Paul and Dru.


Jeff is a reformed lawyer and author and is also the founder of a now national program, “Plant A Row for The Hungry.”  The program is active all 50 states and Canada and has resulted in millions pounds of garden produce being donated to feed the hungry every year and also pens the longest running garden column in North America and is also a highly respected and popular, national, garden writer and in 2005 was inducted into the GWA Hall of Fame, the highest honor a garden writer can achieve. Jeff Lowenfels has become a leader in the organic gardening/sustainability movement as a result of his best-selling books. Read more about Jeff.