Sierra Seed Savers: Online course. 7 months of learning

Seed Seva Distance Learning Intensive

This 7 month learning experience will culminate in an optional in-person long weekend immersion, where you will be able to connect and integrate what you have been learning all season.  We will be offering a 3 day,  in-person immersion retreat in multiple areas of the country in Sept and Oct to  compliment and integrate the learning from this program. ( California, New York, Iowa and New Mexico)  More details on these learning retreats upon registration.

This group mentorship circle is a way to complete the cycle of inspiration, and to truly cultivate and help water all the seeds of dreams and hope that we are all sowing! Envision this a putting a nice layer of compost and fertility on the garden of seeds you have already planted, or the garden that you dream of planting.  This group inspiration time will bring increased abundance and life to the dreams that already are waiting for germination in the fertile soil of your heart and soul.  The seeds rejoice to know that you are a continued ally and steward!

This seasonal mentorship journey will begin on April 1 2017  $25 per month

20% of all proceeds from this class go directly to the Indigenous Seedkeeper Network a project of the Native American Food Sovereignty Alliance