Singing Frogs Farm: 3 intensive, single-day workshops this spring

We are offering three intensive, single-day workshops this spring.
Monday, March 6th
Friday, March 17th
Tuesday, April 4th
Workshops will run from 9:00 am until 4:00 pm with a 45 minute lunch. We’ll spend an intensive day in the fields and send you home with new knowledge, skills and techniques for soil building, carbon farming and enhanced production as well as a dozen pages of notes on some of the nitty gritty details of our unique farming system.
Please bring your own lunch. We will provide coffee, tea, and veggies from the farm for you to snack on, but please come prepared with food to fuel you through the day. Tools will be supplied. Please dress appropriately including boots, hats or gloves if desired, and a water bottle. We will be working.
Cost of the workshop is $345. The fee includes $50 towards our scholarship program for farmers with a financial barrier. If the price of the workshop is an absolute barrier to your participation, please get in touch with us at and use the subject heading “Workshops, Spring 2017”.
This spring Singing Frogs Farm is proud to continue our intensive, hands-on workshops to teach the science and mechanics behind our multi-award winning, no-till, agroecological, intensive and profitable farming methods. Build your ecology, both above and below ground. Learn how to farm with (and for) Mother Nature. Understand how, in using these natural systems, you too can increase your soil organic matter, crop nutrient density and overall productivity.
The workshops will give participants the hands-on experience that, for many of us, is the best way to learn… by doing. We will cover and discuss the following topics:
  • Overview of our Intensive, No-Till Farming Model
  • Basics of Soil Biology and Principles of Better Soil Health
  • Establishing New No-Till Beds or Fields
  • Seeding and Nursery Management
  • Compost, the Science and Application
  • Bed Preparation, Transplanting & Multicropping
  • Year-Round Production and the Management of No-Till Beds
  • Alternate Methods for No-Till Bed Management
  • Ecological Foundations, Hedgerows, Pollinators & Beneficials
  • When & When Not to use Mulch: Options and Applications
  • Tools for Non-Mechanized, No-Till Farming
  • Crop Planning


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