Small Farm and Garden Forum: Cheese Making 101

Small Farm and Garden Forum: Cheese Making 101 at the Rough and Ready Grange, 14550 Rough and Ready Hwy.  Our speaker is Ruth Bleau who has an organic rancher farm on McCourtney Road where she raises Katahdin and Friesian Sheep, American Guinea Hogs, Boer and Nubian Goats, and Lowline and Hereford Cattle.

 Born and raised in Switzerland, Ruth learned cheese-making at her father’s knee. In her creamery on her ranch, Ruth makes a variety of cheeses: Chevre, cream cheese, Queso Fresco, Brick cheese, Cheddar, French Tomme, Italian Tomme, Grueyere, Montery Jack, Farmachella, Caciotta – and continue to experiment with new varieties. 

 She also makes yogurt. She says, “The sheep yogurt is the best we have ever eaten. All of our cheeses are made with either all goat milk, all sheep milk, all Jersey cow milk, or a combination of all. And we do this just for fun!” Check out

Ruth’s website

Grange location: 14550 Rough and Ready Highway, down from fire station. Go up driveway and park in back.         

 For more info: Cathe’ Fish at 432-5109 or Ann Driver at 432-8977

 Cost: Freeto Ranchers, Farmers, Gardeners, and Wannabees.  Join us to network, make new friends, share your wants and needs, and announce what you have to sell or give away.  Rent a table for only $5 to sell your produce, or whatever you have.