Small Garden and Farm Forum: All About Chickens

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Small Farm and Garden Forum

Wednesday, March 15, 2017 at 7 PM

Rough and Ready Grange

All About Chickens

Did you see Janey Powers presentation at the Grange on “Birds in Black?”  If you did, you know how entertaining and knowledgeable she is, and you won’t want to miss her talk this month.   You see, the farm stores are starting to sell those adorable baby chicks who will be laying those wonderful home grown eggs before you know it.


So join “Chicken Lady” Janey Powers for an evening all about chickens!  If you are thinking about starting a backyard flock, or want to pick up ideas to use with your existing flock, or you just like chickens, then this Forum is for you.  Interesting topics include:


Natural History of Chickens:  different breeds, sizes, egg laying ability 

Types of Chickens:  which is best for you

Set-Up:  the house, the yard, nest boxes & roosts, free-range vs. caged, keeping out predators

Equipment:  examples of feeders, waterers, feed, more

Chicks:   buy?  raise your own?  Chicks vs. Pullets vs. Hens vs Cockerels and Roosters
                       Date: Wednesday March 15, 2017          Time: 7 to 9 pm                                           


Where: Rough and Ready Grange

14550 Rough and Ready Highway, Rough and Ready, CA 95975


Cost: free to ranchers, farmers, gardeners and students of life