Soil Regeneration for Cannabis Growers/Producers: Increase your yeilds

Calling All Soil Regeneration Fans!!
We are proud to announce the launch of the all new BioComplete Mastermind Programs!! The first in the series of 12-week tailor-made programs has been specifically designed for Cannabis Growers.
The BioComplete Cannabis Growers Mastermind Program is for Cannabis Producers who want to learn how to improve the fertility of their soil and grow the most productive plants possible!
Whether you are growing Hemp, Recreational or Medical Marijuana, this course is for you. Using the Soil Foodweb Approach you will be able to increase yields and improve THC or CBD levels in your plants.
This unique 12-week program has been tailored to help producers in this growing sector to get the competitive edge. Using the right Biology for your plants will dramatically reduce your input costs, whilst simultaneously increasing your revenues and alleviating Pest, Disease and Weed pressures.  
Registration closes on December 9th 2018 and space is limited to 
10 people!!!
 Find out more about how you can regenerate your soil and dramatically improve yields, whilst simultaneously reducing costs, disease, pest and weed problems!
Next Monday, at 2PM PST we also have a FREE WEBINAR on using Soil Biology for Hemp and Cannabis Cultivation, which you can register for HERE.
We look forward to working with you!
Elaine Ingham, and the Soil Foodweb Team. 
Bringing Soils Back to Life!