Tess Kitchen: Advanced Cooking Class with Alan, Stocks and Soups

Elevate your skills in the kitchen to the next level with a rigorous series of classes taught by Chef Alan Tangren. This is the first in what will be a three class series designed so that taking all three classes will take you Master Chef status (impress your friends!) or taking one class will enhance your knowledge in a specific skill set. This first class is all about the importance of stocks. You will learn and master: Fish Stock, Poultry Stock, Beef Stock, Chicken Soup and French Onion Soup
(Homework) Vegetable Stock

The class Cost: $85. The classes are held in Tess’ Kitchen located downstairs at the Tess’ Kitchen Store 115 Mill Street Downtown Grass Valley, CA . Sign Up early for space it limited to 14 student per class. Contact Tess’ Kitchen  for more information (530) 273-6997 or Email : info@tesskitchenstore.com,