Tess Kitchen: Crepes for All

Crêpes for All

Crêpes are the ultimate do-ahead dish. Waiting in your freezer, they are ready to astonish your friends and family in a variety of guises. In this fun class we will learn the basics of making and frying crêpe batters, both sweet and savory. Then we will transform them into Rolled Shrimp and Spinach Crêpes, Crêpe Gâteau with Vegetables, Herbs and Mushrooms, and a dessert finale of Julia’s Crêpes Mariposa, baked with a filling of lemon and almond soufflé.

The class Cost: $60. The classes are held in Tess’ Kitchen located downstairs at the Tess’ Kitchen Store 115 Mill Street Downtown Grass Valley, CA . Sign Up early for space it limited to a certain amount of students per class. Contact Tess’ Kitchen  for more information (530) 273-6997 or Email : info@tesskitchenstore.com,