Tess Kitchen: Italian w/Roberta DesBouillons

The best thing about Italian cuisine is that there is so much more to discover than Spaghetti and Marinara. In this class, we explore the creamy and decadent side of cooking Italian. Our menu includes a rich, winter dish that will warm your soul, Butternut Squash Risotto with Marscapone. As the perfect side, Focaccia with Fresh Sage and lastly, indulging in a Ricotta Pear Crumb Cake

The class Cost: $65. The classes are held in Tess’ Kitchen located downstairs at the Tess’ Kitchen Store 115 Mill Street Downtown Grass Valley, CA . Sign Up early for space it limited to 14 student per class. Contact Tess’ Kitchen  for more information (530) 273-6997 or Email : info@tesskitchenstore.com,