UCCE: 2015 Multi-Species Academy

Multi-Species GrazingThis Academy is a unique and exciting program emphasizing the practical application of controlled grazing/browsing principles to improve the environment and increase ranch profit.  This challenging course consists of a minimum of lecture and a maximum of hands-on experience.  Participants learn by actually applying the principles taught in the range and pasture with live animals.

You will learn the following at the Academy:  Grazing principles, range and brush ecology, nutrition, guard dogs, reproduction, health, grazing planning, and monitoring.

  • Roger Ingram, Livestock and Natural Resources Advisor Placer and Nevada Counties
  • An Peischel, Small Ruminant Specialist, Tennessee State University
Who Should Attend
Ranchers, land managers and agency personnel who manage livestock on privately owned or public pasture and range land.
For more information or to pre-register Please visit UCCE