UCCE Master Gardeners: It’s OK- Prune Away

This workshop will help attendees achieve more respect for backyard orchard keeping. Participants may expect to learn:

  • Pruning terminology and tools used for pruning.
  • Different methods for pruning the backyard orchard including many types of fruit trees, except olives.
  • Hopefully everyone will come away from the workshop feeling more courageous about pruning their trees.
  • Many resources for accessing pruning information will be shared.
  • After the class, participants are invited to drive to the Master Gardener’s Demonstration Garden at the NID complex (1036 W. Main St.) to view various pruning techniques used in the orchard.


For information please contact UCCE Master Gardeners 530-273-0919
Location: 109 S School St, Grass Valley, CA 95945