UCCE Master Gardner: Water Wise Landscaping at the Elks Lodge

The Nevada County Master Gardeners will be presenting some fun and informative workshops in 2017.


February workshops will be held at the Grass Valley Elks Lodge, located at 109 South School Street in Grass Valley and will start at 10:00 a.m.


Please contact Tristyn Armstrong – Tristyn_armstrong@yahoo.com if you have any questions – Hope to see you all there!



February 25  Water Wise Landscaping

·         Despite the heavy rains in January, years of drought have taught us that water is a very precious resource. This workshop will focus on water wise management of the home garden, including:

Methods to improve soil to increase water holding capacity and decrease evaporation,

Use of efficient watering systems to decrease weeds,

Information on planning your garden to group plants with similar water needs together.