“Everything You See Here is Because of Volunteers”

food love farm potluck 091815-3These are the words of Amanda Thibodeau, as she described how the Food Love Project was developed into a fertile and thriving educational farm that serves over 1,000 kids every year. It was a great opening to our Volunteer Appreciation Farm Potluck – an evening of recognizing the power of volunteerism in our community and honoring the people who have contributed so much to the Sierra Harvest mission.

Our Sierra Harvest volunteers come in all forms – like Chrissy and Zack who help dig garden beds and put up fences for aspiring backyard gardeners, Jan who comes in the office every week to help out with a wide variety of tasks that increase our staff’s efficiency, Jim who has built a shed, benches, and garden carts for the Food Love Project, Carol who uses her artist’s eye to beautify our events, and Rachel who faithfully commits her time year after year to provide farm nutrition education to our local kids. Our volunteers contribute over 4500 hours each year. We simply could not do all we do without our amazing team.

“I’m getting the flowers I made for the Volunteer of the Year!”

food love farm potluck 091815-16Our Volunteer of the Year award went to Deb Chapman – no surprise to those who know Deb! She has been behind the scenes supporting our organization from the time it began, and has worked hundreds of hours to make our events beautiful, to help local people have their own backyard gardens and to support our team in countless ways with the love of a “farm mom”. Even with a broken shoulder, she came early to the Volunteer Appreciation potluck to help out, and brought a bouquet of beautiful flowers from her garden to honor the Volunteer of the Year (which she received in good humor!). A million thank yous to Deb Chapman!

Why Volunteer?

food love farm potluck 091815-5“Volunteer are not paid – not because they are worthless – but because they are priceless” says Miriam Limov, Engagement Manager for Sierra Harvest.  “Our volunteers give their heart, soul, enthusiasm, time and skills to create a strong organization and in return they contribute to the building of a strong, healthy and thriving community!” And in the words of Deb Chapman, “I feel blessed to be part of such a growing movement, and that Sierra Harvest is such a force that just keeps gaining momentum.  I want on that train!!”

“Will you give me the recipe for that dish?”

One of the great things about our summer potlucks is getting to try the delicious dishes that people creatively make with local ingredients and learn new creative ways to cook up vine ripe tomatoes, cucumbers, squash, tomatillos, peppers and more. Thank you to Super Tuber Farm and Riverhill Farm who donated their own fresh veggies for one of the most classic summer dishes served up by our very own Leo Chapman – grilled vegetables. A special thank you also to Flour Garden for donating a beautiful carrot cake that served our 80 guests!

Are You In?

We always have a variety of volunteer positions available – you can sign up on our website or call Miriam Limov at (530) 265-2343.   We have several positions available for our upcoming fundraising luncheon on September 30th, from 9 to 11:30 – come join the fun and help us educate, inspire and connect Nevada County families to fresh, local food!

In Gratitude For Our 2014-15 Volunteers!

Alex Abrey, Brianna Abundiz, Janet Adams, Lisa Anderson, Georgette Aronow, Janet Asher, Karen Atkins, Michelle Bacon, Aleta Barrett, Sandra Barrington, Susie Bavo, Laura Beavers, Julia Berkey, Marina Bernheimer, Rachel Berry, Gordon Bishop, Malaika Bishop, Liam Blackmon, David Bledsoe, Pattie Boudier, Tim Butler, Suzanne Calkins, Val Camp, Amigo Cantizano, Ashley Carpenter, Valerie Cassity, Joy Castro-Wehr, Victoria Chacon, Deb Chapman, Leo Chapman, Mielle Chenier-Cowan Rose, Kwong Chew, Mistie Clark, Rebecca Coffman, Janet Cohen, Robyn Coleman, Marty Coleman-Hunt, Daniel Collette, Lindsey Colvin, Amy Cooke, Jerry Daniels, Kara De Vries, Carolyn Deane, Ariana DeFalco, Julie DeHollander, Beth Dekker, Rita DeQuercus, Austin DeRock, Rexanne Diehl, Daniela DiPiero, Jeanne Duerst, Jeffrey Dupra, Mali Dyck, David Edwards, Maggie Edwards, Hilary Emberton, Suzanne Ferroggiaro, Nick Fisher, Emma Fisher-Smith, Eric Foote, Pat Forman, Dennis Fournier, Alana Fowler, Terry Fowler, Catherine Fraley, Ike Frazee, Alicia Funk, Maisie Ganz, Trish Garcia, Brienna Gerard, Jessica Gimpel, Jeannine Glista, Harrison Goldspiel, Angela Gonzalez, Robert Goodman, Sarah Goodnow, Susan Gouvia, Charlie Grande, Elias Grant, Deborah Gutierrez, Tami Hadley McVay, Noam Halport, Pauli Halstead, Betsy Hamilton, Andy Harris, Laura Hash, Marie Hays, Royce Hays, Willow Hein, Leslie Hepp, Miguel Hernandez, Liza Hestbeck, Jolane Hickman, Christopher Hickok, Larry Hierman, Hilary Hodge, Katherine Hoeberling, Susan Hoek, Tony Hohl, Andrea Hope, Jim Hurley, Ragnar Hynell, Roger Ingram, Montel James, Linda Jane, Linda Jane, Barbara Jenness, Alexandra Johnson, Joey Jordan, Eileen Jorgensen, Eric Jorgensen, Frances Jorgensen, Paul Jorgensen, Sydney Joyce, Sat Kartar Khalsa, Shan Kendall, Genavieve Knowles, Kimberly Knowles, Lynn Kouba, Michele Krause, Lynne Lacroix, Stephanie Ladwig-Cooper, Jodi Laferte, Victoria LaFont, Betsey Leach, Miriam Limov, David Linebarger, Peter Lockyer, Shoshi London, Lori Long, Andy Lovetto, Heather MacRoberts, Stephanie Mandel, Lisa Mandelbaum, Shanan Manuel, Annie Marks, Richie Marks, Juniper Martin, Elizabeth Matson, Stu Matthews, Shana Maziarz, Alanna McDermott, Chrissy Mehnert, Carlyle Miller, Glen Miller, Jeremy Mineau, Wes Mooers, Sky Mowen, Nevada County CalWorks, Laurie Oberholtzer, Max Odland, Genna Pieri, Randi Pratini, Gale Pylman, Jeff Pylman, Aimee Retzler, Denise Reynolds, Jacob Riels, Jack Roberts, Tiana Rockwell, Doug Rodrick, Barbara Roemer, Celise Rogers, Karl Ronning, Deb Rossovich, Sherie Saenz, Lee Sanor, Kelly Santos, Gracie Schatz, Benjamin Schley-May, Doug Schma, Blair Scott, Madison Sheffield, Melissa Silva, Jennifer Singer, Lew Sitzer, Jalana Smith, Society of Garden Goddesses, Kat Soltanmorad, Danita Sorenson, Zak Starr, Rob Steffke, Michael Stone, Kaori Stuessy, Christy Summer, Lucetta Swift, Amanda Thibodeau, Laura Thorne, Eva Tobie, Angie Tomey, Carlos Trujillo, Carol Turner, Katie Turner, Phil Turner, Shae Unknown, Juju Urcis, Lauren Valentino, Tom Van Wagner, Wendy Van Wagner, Don Votech, Leah Walsh, Jesse Ward, Rachel Wegman, Jacquie Weills, Robert Weir, Jeff Wells, Kelsey Westfall, Norm Westmore, Rowen White, Cathy Williford, Caroline Wilson, Rose Wolterbeck, Boni Woodland, Peggy Wright, Avila Ysidro, Yuba River Charter School Parents, Robert Zeuner, and Heidi Zimmerman.