Farm Crew 2018 Now Accepting Applications!

Farm Crew 2017 at Sweet Roots Farm

Would you like to spend the 2018 growing season working alongside a farmer in Nevada County?  Apply now for Farm Crew 2018!  This exciting training program is launching its second season and we have a great line up of potential host farms ready to help train the next generation of farmers.  Farm Crew members work side by side with agricultural mentors on commercial farms while attending an advanced production skills class and receiving one-on-one support from Sierra Harvest.

“Through Sierra Harvest and Farm Crew I’ve been placed with an amazing farm… Working there has taught me so much alongside the weekly Farm Crew classes.  Not only have I learned things that I’m already using, but I’m constantly getting inspired as well. I also love how I’ve also been connected with an amazing community of farmers and lovers of local food.”  Farm Crew member 2017

Hardworking individuals with a commitment to careers in production agriculture and who have spent at least one season working on a farm or ranch are encouraged to apply here.  Once through an initial screening process, qualified applicants will be passed on to host-farms for hiring by March 2018.  If you have any questions, please visit our website,, or contact

212 Acres of Vegetables

According to the 2012 USDA Agricultural Census, there are 212 acres of vegetables being grown in Nevada County.  With a total land area of 974 square miles, that is a mere 0.034% of our county!   For another interesting comparison, according to this same census, the average farm in Yolo county is 456 acres.  Access to land is a critical component to the success of agriculture in Nevada County.  The Sierra Harvest Farm Institute Land Match program works to connect our farmers and ranchers to more and better agricultural lands.  If you are a landowner with a sizeable area that may be agriculturally viable and you would like to make it available to a farming or ranching operation, please get in touch to schedule a site visit.   You can fill out this online form, or email  If the land looks good (we’re looking for decent soil, access to irrigation water, and good sun exposure), we’ll list it on our website and work to make a connection with a farmer that is a great match for your land.