Application: On Farm Consultation

Apply now for a Sierra Harvest scholarship for an on-farm consultation.  This consultation will help you improve the productivity, resilience and success of your faming system.  You can look at one specific challenge you have faced or take a wider look at your whole farm system. 

The consultation will include multiple meetings (and potentially site visits if conditions allow) to identify areas of concern/focus, create a plan of action, and follow up to analyze impacts and discuss future steps.

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For this project we will provide state-of-the-art consulting on a wide range of topics including: fertilization, soil analysis, cover cropping, crop rotations, composting, compost tea, soil amendments, weed management, pest and disease management, cultural practices, pasture management, fertigation, foliar feeding, irrigation design and management, equipment selection and management, variety selection, transplanting and direct seating, beneficial insect habitat, biological control, and just about anything appropriate for the practical and profitable application of organic farming and ranching.