Sierra Harvest Farm Biz: Farm Business Planning and Organic Certification

A 10-part farm business planning course that will infuse your farm with profitability

Classes meet weekly Tuesdays 3-6PM, January 29th – March 26th, 2019.  Download this year’s class schedule to learn more.  Tuition for the course is $455.

This class is designed for people with a strong business idea or up to 5 years running a farm or ranch and includes Saturday – Sunday attendance to the 2019 Food and Farm Conference (a value of $170.)


Which class is right for me?

Learn more about classes offered by Sierra Harvest and our partners at UC Cooperative Extension

Being a farmer is an idea I’m toying with:  UCCE’s So You Want to Start a Farm (3 hours) class or UCCE Intro to Farm Business Planning (8 hours)

I have a clear farm idea and am ready to start: Sierra Harvest Farm Biz (15h classes plus 17h Sustainable food & farm conference) offered every January or UCCE Beg Farming Academy (20h)

I have been running my farm business for 1-3 years.  Sierra Harvest Farm Biz offered every January

I have 3 years of financials and want to hone my business: UCCE Farm Business Planning

I have 5+ years of operation and been through Farm Business Planning, or am ready to Scale-up: UCCE Advanced Farm Business or Scaling up.

UCCE does not offer all classes all years. Contact them to learn more.

Want to Certify Organic?

This 3-part course will support you in achieving organic certification for your farm or ranch.

We will help you over the hurdles of affording, applying for and setting up systems for certification.

See last year’s course description.

Notify me when the April 2019 schedule is available.

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