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Agricultural Skills Course, Tuesdays July – September 2020

Ag Skills provides a season of hands-on learning for beginning farmers. From building soil to saving seeds, each class focuses on tangible skills necessary for farming success in the foothills.  Peer-to-peer classes are taught on-farm, by farmers and each includes a farm tour.   Ag Skills courses a geared towards commercial farmers and are a great way to network within the farming community and hone your farming skillset. 

$22/class – discounted price for 7 or more classes.   Download 2020 Ag Skills Course Calendar!


Here’s what people are saying:

“A truly fantastic learning experience made all the more impressive considering the obstacles COVID 19 and the fires present to any classroom. Sierra Harvest goes above and beyond to ensure safety; all present are masked-up, classes take place outdoors, all  are reminded of the importance of practicing social distancing, N-95 masks were distributed to all given smoky air quality. I’ve signed up for every class I can get my hands on and have been wildly impressed and informed with each. Thank you Cam and the entire Sierra Harvest team for your brilliant work!”

2020 Ag Skills Course includes:
Starting a Farm with Son of Something Farm
Crop Irrigation with Riverhill Farm
Bed Preparation & Weed Management with  Super Tuber Farm
All About Farm Tractors with  Foothill Roots Farm
All About Flowers with Soil Sisters Farm
Successful CSA’s– with Mountain Bounty Farm
and more!

note:  COVID-19 protocols at Ag Skills classes include outdoor venues, social distancing, face masks, and hand hygiene to ensure a safe space for class participants and host farms.

Farm & Ranch Jobs in Nevada County           

Looking for a job in agriculture? Send an email to to get announcements about farm and ranch jobs in Nevada County. 

Looking to hire a farmworker for your farm or ranch?  Send an email to to get a list of interested folks.

Sierra College Farm & Ranch Internships

Current Sierra College student looking for an internship? Contact to learn more about farm and ranch internship opportunities & find the perfect host-site.   Summer (June-July) and Fall (August – November) internships available.

Interested in hosting a student intern on your Farm or Ranch?  Contact for more info.  Internships occur over the Summer (June-July) and Fall (August-November) terms.