Farm Crew: Farm Jobs & Ag Skills

Aspiring Farmers                  

Want to work on a farm and hone your skills? Then Farm Crew is for you! 

Apply for Farm Crew and Sierra Harvest will help you find a job on a sustainable farm this season. Farm crew members also attend bi-weekly agricultural skills classes on mentor farms throughout Nevada County with a cohort of fellow farmers and receive personalized support.  Download the Farm Crew 2019 job description to learn more about the program.

Applications for the 2019 season are now open!  Must have a minimum of one year farming experience to qualify. Tuition is $900. Scholarships available.  Email for more information.

Apply for Farm Crew 

Earn Sierra College Credit and Learn to Farm!

If you are a current Sierra College student or an interested applicant with less than one full season of farming experience please contact to learn more about our Farm Internship Program.  We will work together to find the perfect farm site for you to intern on.   Summer (June-July) and Fall (August – November) internships available.

work on a farm - Sierra Harvest Farm Crew

Farm Workers

Already working on a farm? Take Sierra Harvest’s Agricultural Skills Course

Branch out and hone your skills! See how other farmers do it! The Sierra Harvest Ag Skills Course offers a season of in-depth production farm classes.  All classes are taught on farms in Nevada County by local farmers and agricultural professionals. Agricultural Skills class meets bi-weekly May – November.  Check out this year’s amazing course calendar: 2019 Farm Crew, Ag Skills, Course Calendar.  Sign up for just one class, or take the whole course!  

Sign-up for Ag Skills! 

Ranching Skills Classes
 UCCE offers a California Grazing Academy 2-day intensive. Learn more

Farm Owners

Looking for Inspired, Motivated Workers on your Farm?

Sierra Harvest will recruit and screen candidates for your farm job and support you in maintaining a healthy, happy work relationship throughout the season. Learn how to manage your farm team for optimum efficiency and congeniality. Contact us to become a Sierra Harvest farm crew host farm and start receiving candidates for the 2019 season.

Looking for Opportunities for Your Existing Crew?

Support your farm employees to attend the Ag Skills Course where they will learn tips and tricks from seasoned farmers throughout the county and gain inspiration, skills and a sense of community. Contact us for more info.

Love to Teach Others to Farm?

Host a Sierra College intern to work-study at your farm for a semester. Contact us for more details about this program.

Engine class - ag class - Dinner Bell farm
                       Engine repair class as part of the ag class series at Dinner Bell Farm (2018)