Farm Tours

Join us for the 2023 Farm Tours season! This local favorite allows community members to meet our local farmers and see first-hand how they grow the products they offer in our beautiful agricultural landscape here in the Sierra Foothills. Learn how you can purchase local products creating a stronger food system. Together we can make changes one plate at a time. 

The 2023 Farm Tour season is here, and we’ve got a lineup of many different types of farms you can visit all across Nevada County.

This year’s farms include flower farmers, orchards and fruit farms, vegetables and farm stands, a visit to Sierra Harvest’s educational farm, a mushroom farm, and more!

Learn more about the farms:

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June 1, 6-8pm – Sweet Roots Floral
Sweet Roots Farm and Floral Design is located on three acres in Grass Valley, where they cultivate a diversity of flowers and produce. They also have a nursery business, which provides the county with healthy, organic, acclimatized seedlings. Their gorgeous flowers frequently bless farmer’s markets, grocery stores, and weddings across Nevada County. Bring your own picnic!

June 15, 6-7:30PM – Bluebird Farm
Located in Nevada City, CA, Bluebird Farm specializes in high quality, nutrient dense greens, culinary herbs and fresh seasonal flowers. They are dedicated to using sustainable growing methods to enhance the health of our land, build rich soil and provide the most delicious and beautiful food and flowers possible.  Bring your own picnic!


August 31, 6-7:30pm – Peardale Farm
Peardale farm is nestled in Grass Valley, in the Sierra foothills. They are a certified organic farm, and are dedicated to providing their community with local plant starts and fresh produce. Bring your own picnic!

Sept 7, 6-7:30pm – Heart and Soul Farmstead
We are a fledgling small scale regenerative farm with a ficus on building topsoil, and sequestering carbon while providing high quality beyond organic local food to our community. Using Holistic Management we move animal across the landscape, integrating them with annual and perennial vegetables allowing us to minimize off farm inputs and close nutrient cycles as much as possible. We provide chicken, turkey, lamb, eggs, and a variety of fruits and vegetables.

Sept 21, 5:30-7pm – Sunrock Farm
Sunrock Farm is a beautiful south facing farm just outside Nevada City, producing beautiful citrus in Nevada County. Situated on a south facing, micro-climate zone, we are able grow a diverse array of crops, including Mandarin oranges and several other sub-tropical fruits. 

October 5, 4-5:30pm – Bierwagen & Super Tuber Farm
Bierwagen’s Donner Trail Fruit is a family farming tradition since 1902! Every October they open the gates for our community to experience a day at the farm. Super Tuber Farm aims to produce the tastiest, high quality produce in a manner that enriches the soil in which it is grown, the hands who grow it, and the bellies of those who eat it. Both Super Tuber and Bierwagen produce will be available on the tour!

October 12, 4-5:30pm – Mushbarn
MushBarn fruited from a community awestruck by the power and generosity of fungi. We aim to inspire healthy relationships between ourselves and nature’s networks to learn how to best support a resilient and fertile biosphere. We do this by growing mushrooms with regenerative practices, learning and sharing mycological theory and building community.

Farmers! Would you like to host one of our tours in 2023? Contact Miriam Limov at or Livia Keene at