Get Training

Farm smarter, not harder!  Join a Sierra Harvest training course or drop-in to a class to improve farm business management and production practices.  Successful farmers and ranchers serve as class instructors and create opportunities to connect to the wider agricultural community.

Farm Biz

Learn how to accurately plan and project the financial side of farming with Farm Biz and farm like a boss!

Ag Skills

This  season-long, hands-on skill building course will help you farm successfully in the Sierra foothills.  Learn more.

Organic Certification

Access new markets and better prices with Organic certification – this 4-part course will show you how.

Farm Conference

Be inspired to incorporate new farming strategies at the Sustainable Food & Farm Conference every winter.


Get paired with a seasoned farmer who can offer tips and advice as you develop and expand your business.

Partner Programs

Find more training and support services from our partners at UCCE Foothill Farming.