Organic Certification Intensive

Want to access new markets and better prices for your products? Certify your farm or ranch Organic! Join us for a course taught by Organic certification experts and learn what to expect when certifying Organic, how to decide if certified Organic is right for you, how to create an Organic Site Plan (OSP), how to choose a certifying agency, and what Organic certification will cost. 

This course is designed to prepare your farm to submit your application for Organic certification!

This class will walk farmers through the steps to certify Organic including how to create an Organic Site Plan and how to submit an application to a certifying agency.  We’ll take a look at the different certifying agencies available and examine the cost of certification including cost-share programs.  

Check back in November 2022 for registration and class details.

Contact Molly Nakahara if you need assistance with certification prior to the course.

Watch how this class helped Higareda Family Farm certify organic!