Featured Farm: Soil Sisters

Soil Sisters
Farmers Maise & Willow grow beautiful flowers all summer long at their ecological farm in Nevada City

Maisie Ganz and Willow Hein started Soil Sisters farm as part of the original Living Lands organization. You can’t miss their gorgeous flower display at the Nevada City Farmer’s Market…



SH: What do you grow on your farm?

SS: We grow a tremendous variety of flowers! As well as salad mix, garlic, and some veggie crops for ourselves.

SH: What makes your farm unique?

SS: Our farm is unique because we are on a small parcel of land that we manage very carefully to maximize its production.  Our goal is to be smarter, not bigger about how we manage the farm and our business.  We also really value balance in our day-to-day lives, and try to incorporate that into our business plan.  We love farming, but have seen the way one can easily burn out from the daily grind, and want to make sure our business is sustainable both economically as well as personally.  We are also a women-owned business and strive to empower ourselves as business owners and farmers, both traditionally male-dominated fields.  We hope to inspire other women in all areas of their lives.

SH: Why flowers?

SS: We grow flowers because we love them!  We love the color and creativity behind arranging everything from market bouquets to elaborate wedding centerpieces.  They are also a fairly high profit crop and supporting two farmers on a 1.5 acre field means maximizing profit is an especially important consideration!

SH: What made you want to be a farmer?

Willow:  I became a farmer because I’ve always been drawn to working outside, and when I learned it was even possible to do as a profession, I knew it was for me.  As I worked (interned and apprenticed) on more farms, I learned more about food policy, health, and agriculture in general and I realized that farming was such a wonderful way to change systems I felt were destructive to the planet.  Even if it didn’t make a difference globally I knew I could have an impact in my own community.

Maisie: I love the lifestyle farming affords me, in which I can work outside every day close to the earth, nourish my body with food I’ve been intimately connected to, and have a house full of beautiful flowers 🙂