Featured Food & Farm Conference Sponsor: Vital Garden Supply

Sierra Harvest is deeply grateful to the sponsors of the Food and Farm Conference. They made it possible this year to offer 85 farmers a 65% discount on registration fees, so they could learn new sustainable farming techniques that otherwise they would not have access to.   We are especially grateful to one of our major conference sponsors: Vital Garden Supply. Vital Garden Supply is a family-run business that provides education and products for soil, including fertilizer and amendments. Everything they sell is organic. They specialize in compost tea and biologically correct ingredients. If you have questions about soil, Vital Garden Supply are experts – they’ve been in business for ten years at 204 Gold Flat Court in Nevada City (and now have another location in Ukiah), and their employees are well trained in troubleshooting soil issues. They also teach workshops about things like the Food Web and an introduction to Compost Tea, and are producing an intensive soil food web workshop with Elaine Ingham and Green Friends Farm in San Leandro this Spring.

4354_VitalLogoCMYKBrian and Pedma Malin, the owners of Vital Garden Supply, pride themselves on being community-minded : “We want to support events that help people make smarter and safer decisions on growing their food. Our business has grown right along with the Food and Farm Conference — we feel a sense of camaraderie, and as sponsors we get a chance to network with people, meet more people in our local community and get some recognition with the community.”  Learn more at www.vitalgardensupply.com.

Thanks Vital Garden Supply!