Feeding the Fruit Trees at Deer Creek School

Last week a group of volunteer students, parents and Common Vision leader Mike Flynn got together to feed the fruit tree orchard at Deer Creek School.

Common Vision is a non profit group that travels throughout the country each year, over the last 9 years they have directly impacted 80,000 students, transformed over 180 low income schools and community centers into abundant orchards with the planting of over 4,800 fruit trees.

20 vounteers arrival on a pair of vegetable-oil-powered busses to share a day that the school will never forget. The program includes:

  • Green Theater on a Solar Stage
  • Fruit Tree Planting
  • Eco-Art: Orchard Signs
  • Drip, Mulch, and Microlife
  • Tree Care: Training and Support

The children pulled back the burlap, cleared alway any weeds or dead leaves and then packed the truck and area around it with kelp and other yummy plant foods.