First ever KIDS State Dinner (lunch) at White House!


Well kids, good food and nutrition is truly becoming front and center for our country. This week Michelle Obama hosted the first ever kids state luncheon at the White House.

Mrs. Obama, along with her partner’s in the “Let’s Move” initiative, inspire kids to eat healthier foods and fight obesity by learning about and eating  foods that meet U.S. Department of Agriculture guidelines.

“We’re so proud of you,” Obama told the 54 kids and parents whose recipes were chosen in a healthy recipe contest — one from each state and territory.”

The menu featured popular health food, kale chips, a gorgeous corn, bean and quinoa salad and ended with fruit smoothies.

Click here to get the cookbook created from all the winners’ recipes.

We all look forward to seeing the changes to come in schools and institutional food in the United States thanks to the attention that this movement is receiving.