Food Love Farm Renewed Their Organic Certification!

2019 - Emily Koller at Food Love Farm - CCOFIt’s official! The Food Love Farm just renewed their CCOF (California Certified Organic Farmers) organic certification!  This means that all plant starts and produce grown at the Food Love Farm are done so without the use of chemical pesticides and fertilizers or GMO seeds. This has always been our practice from day one and farm production has grown to the point where we needed to renew our organic certification. Organic standards ensure that the farming practices used produce not just safe and healthy food for you, but also protect and nurture the land we farm and the natural resources around us. Detailed record keeping and an annual re-certification and inspection will guarantee that the farming practices at the Food Love Farm continue to follow organic standards. Come visit the Food Love Farm to see organic in action!  Our weekly U-Pick will start again in June and we are happy to share how we do what we do! 

To learn more about CCOF and organic farming practices, visit: