From zucchini lasagna to purple potato frittata – summer camp is delectable!

food love camp 2019The Food Love Farm has been bustling with activity this July!  Along with the resident bees and butterflies, our summer campers have been busying about – harvesting produce, preparing daily farm-fresh lunches, and getting their hands dirty with farm chores!  Campers arrived at the farm each morning ready to tackle a chore:  picking flower bouquets to decorate our lunch table, collecting eggs and ensuring the chickens had food and water, harvesting herbs and flowers to make sun tea, or emptying the compost bucket of lunch scraps from the previous day.  One group of enthusiastic boys even took on the role of “Team Woodchip Pile,” as they shoveled and moved woodchips into the farm to line the pathways.  At the end of Week 1, campers were almost unanimous in their choice of “Lunch Crew” as the favorite farm activity.  Each camper had an opportunity to harvest produce and prepare lunch for the whole group once during the week.   With a menu that included roasted veggie tacos, zucchini “lasagna,” purple potato and kale frittata, fresh spring rolls, and tamales, we were all able to share in the delicious bounty of the farm and practice invaluable cooking skills!  We certainly had some adventurous eaters at camp this summer!  Of course, we also saved time to read books and write in our field guides under the shade of the hops tipi, make art and crafts with natural materials, and host our annual Summer Camp Farmers Market!  Food Love Farm Summer Camp truly is the tastiest camp in town! 

If you want to experience the magic of the Food Love Farm, stop by our U-Pick on Tuesdays from 4:30 to 6:30, through October! 

food love camp - art shirts 2019
food love camp 2019