Gratitude for a Birthday Celebration Donation

Justin Wenck, Sierra Harvest donor

Sierra Harvest is most grateful to Justin Wenck for using his birthday as a platform for his friends and family to donate to Sierra Harvest!

What inspired you to host a birthday party in support of a non-profit?

I have enjoyed celebrating my birthday with friends for many years. I was inspired to use my celebration as an opportunity to support a non-profit when I realized that, although I appreciated when friends would give me gifts, I didn’t actually need what was given. I realized it would be great if the act of giving and receiving could still be enjoyed, but the gift could actually go somewhere that can truly benefit.

Why did you choose Sierra Harvest as the recipient?

I chose Sierra Harvest because as someone who grew up with my dinner options being fast food or frozen food, understanding and appreciating the value of healthful foods is something I’ve become passionate about. I seriously didn’t even know what a plum was until I was in my late twenties. When my fiancé, Alexa, returned from a festival in Nevada City a couple years ago, she told me about this great organization, Sierra Harvest, that doesn’t just feed people, but educates them and connects them to great food, I was all in to support them at that point.

What did your friends think about it?

My friends enjoy it because it takes the pressure off of coming up with a gift idea and they know that their generosity is having an impact beyond just the smile on my face when I tell them “Thank you”. 

Would you do it again?

I’ve done this 2 years in a row now, and I’ll absolutely do it again, and of course have fun beating the previous year’s record!