Grow Your Own Recipe Challenge

Students participating in Harvest of the month programParents, have you found yourself in the role of teacher, principal and cafeteria chef at home?  Here are some fun and fresh ideas from our staff that you bring into your “school day”, including a chance to win prizes!

Grow Your Own Recipe Challenge

It’s easy to grow your own sprouts or microgreens at home – they are tasty and packed with nutrition! Join our Grow Your Own Recipe Challenge and you could win a $25 gift card to the BriarPatch Food Co-op! Here’s how:

1) To get a free sample of seeds to sprout or grow as microgreens, contact our office, and the first 50 people will receive free seeds.  Or, start with your own seeds at home.

Microgreens are typically grown in shallow tray with some soil, and are harvested when the first green leaves have developed.   You can grow virtually any kind of vegetable or herb seed – sunflower seeds are a fun and crunchy microgreen, and you can also experiment with the flavors of radish or mustard and the colors of beets.  Once the first leaves have developed on the microgreens, you simply cut them above the root and eat them stacked on a sandwich, sprinkled on a salad, rolled into a wrap, or just hand to mouth!  To make microgreens, you’ll need:  

  -A small, shallow tray (recycled food packaging works great)
  -A large handful of potting soil (or soil from your garden)
Watch Farmer Bri and her daughter Bella to get started!  Download the full directions.

Sprouts are typically grown in a glass jar with just water and seeds, and are ready to eat in a few days.  Alfalfa sprouts are what we most often see at stores and restaurants, but you can sprout lots of vegetable seeds like broccoli, spicy mustard greens, beets, and even dried legumes and beans you might already have in your kitchen cabinet.  They are a nice addition to salad or sandwiches.  This is what you’ll need at home to get started:

-Seeds, including dry beans or legumes
 -A glass jar (a quart-size mason jar works great)
 -A mesh strainer, or cheesecloth

Watch how to grow sprouts! Download the full directions.

2) Once your sprouts or microgreens are ready to eat, tell us how you like to eat them! Post your recipe on our Facebook page or send it to us in an email by May 15, 2020, and you’ll be entered to win a $25 gift card from the BriarPatch Food Co-op.  

Tasty & Kid-Friendly Recipes from the Schultz Family

Shauna Schultz – dietician, educator, and Farm to School Liaison for Seven Hills Middle School and Deer Creek Elementary School – offers this quick video on how to make delicious sweet potato black bean flautas at home, and her daughter Ashlynn will teach you and your kids how to make pizza!

Ashylyn Schultz cooks pizza 2020

Do you have some favorite kid-friendly recipes or food and garden activities to share?

Let us know on Facebook or email.  Looking for more ideas? Our Farm, Food & Garden resource page has some great activities for food and farm education at home, as well as fun and delicious recipes to make with kids.