Honey Bees Deliver March Harvest of the Month!

The bees have been busy! And we are grateful to Farm Biz graduate Cameron Redford and Black Sierra Honey Company, for filling 3,000 golden jars of their delicious, amber honey to share with Nevada County students this month! Beyond experiencing the delight of tasting raw, local honey, students learned the nutritional benefits that honey has over sugar – such as being rich in antioxidants and supporting healthy immune function – and how critical bees are for growing so many of the fruits and vegetables we enjoy every day.



If you don’t already know about Cameron Redford and The Black Hives Matter Project, don’t miss this short video! Cameron shares the overlooked history on the origin of honeybees, the historic parallels between honeybees and Africans, and the passion behind his vision for beekeeping right here in Nevada County.