How Kids Can Help With Thanksgiving Prep!

With all of the planning and preperation that goes into hosting Thanksgiving….why NOT put those busy little hands to work!

Here are 8 suggestions for getting your kids involved with details of Thanksgiving Dinner. I am looking forward to having my little on snapping off green bean ends!

1. Make Place Cards or Favors

Enlist little crafters to create place cards or favors for your guests. Even a formal dining room table could use a little handmade charm!

2. Wash Fruit and Veggies

Put little hands to work at the kitchen sink — tots can help rinse off fruit and veggies (cranberries are especially fun) before you start cooking and baking.

3. Roll Out the Pie Crust or Cookie Dough

Little ones love getting into flour and sugar! If you can handle a little extra cleanup, let them roll out your pie crust or cookie dough — it doesn’t matter if it’s not perfect.

4. Snap Ends Off the Green Beans

If green beans are playing a supporting role in your Thanksgiving feast, ask your little ones to help with the tedious task of snapping off their ends.

5. Stir the Soup

If you have soup or gravy simmering over the stove — and a kiddo who’s old enough to safely navigate the kitchen — put them to work stirring.

7. Set the Table

While you probably don’t want them running around with stacks of your wedding china, bigger kids can be super helpful when it comes to setting the table. Give them exact instructions and a handful of flatware or a stack of cloth napkins to fold.

8. Arrange Sweet Treats

If cookies are coming out at dessert time, enlist the creative skills of your little ones to help in arranging them on a platter.

Provide an Ice Breaker

If cocktail hour has begun and mama needs some alone time in the kitchen, charge the kiddos with entertaining your guests. Hand guests a card that says “I am grateful for…….”, they provide a great Thanksgiving conversation starter. Have your little ones pass around pens and instruct your guests to share a sentiment.