Jolane and Scott Hickman, The Joyful Welcoming Crew!

Photo by Sandra Boyd

Be the local food movement” is Sierra Harvest’s volunteer program motto and we are extremely blessed to have two exceptionally joyful, warm, and friendly volunteers be a part of the movement – Jolane and Scott Hickman.  The Hickmans joined our team this year as our  2021 Farm Tour Welcome Volunteers, attending every farm tour to set things up, welcome guests, support farmers during the tour and wrap things up after each tour.   It’s a big commitment and we are so grateful for Jolane and Scott for contributing their time so enthusiastically, allowing hundreds of people to meet our local farmers and ranchers, and learn where to purchase local, seasonal and fresh food.

  1. How did you get involved in Sierra Harvest?

We have had a large vegetable garden for years and have always been interested in learning more about the local gardening practices, which is why we enjoy going on the Sierra Harvest farm tours every year.  We are very passionate about organic gardening and farming and therefore supporting Sierra Harvest, whose goal is to “strengthen community through fresh, local, seasonal food,” is of great importance to us. 

  • What kind of volunteer activities have you participated in with Sierra Harvest?

We started by supporting and attending the Soup Nights and end of season potlucks back in 2010, during the Living Lands Agrarian Network days, and continued on when they transitioned to Sierra Harvest.  We also volunteered to glean fruit the first few years the gleaning program started.  Jolane helped out with several office tasks at home such as stuffing envelopes for upcoming events and she also cut fabric strips for the tepee at the Food Love Farm children’s program. 

  • This year, what do you enjoy about being a Farm Tour Welcome Volunteer?

Helping a good cause and meeting new people with like values would be the main reason for volunteering.  Also getting to visit all the different local organic farms we are fortunate to have in our community, and meeting the farmers of course. 

  • Any memories of the local food movement 10 years ago and how it has changed?

The public awareness of locally grown food, and the desire to eat local organic food, has increased a lot for the general public in the past decade.  Our own gardening practices have changed quite a bit due to our involvement with the local food movement.

  • How else do you support the local food movement?

We purchase a CSA from a local farm every year.  We try very hard to buy local organic food, whether it be with a CSA, at the farmer’s market, or at local stores. 

  • What other passions and activities do you enjoy doing?

Scott performs blues music locally, singing and playing the harmonica.  He also is a volunteer broadcaster for our local radio station KVMR FM, where he hosts a blues music program.  While he retired from teaching in 2010, he continues to substitute teach in our county.

Jolane loves to garden and spends almost every day out in our 2000+ square foot vegetable garden.  She has also been a quilter for almost 30 years; enjoys reading; making her own body care products (thanks to classes taught by Rachel Berry), and working on jigsaw puzzles.  She has been retired since March of 2020. 

  • Favorite veggie?

Scott – broccoli                                                                                                                                          

Jolane – asparagus

  • Least favorite veggie?

Scott – Beets

Jolane – Cucumbers (except pickles)

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