Kiss the Ground Screening January 7th

Sierra Harvest offered a virtual screening of Kiss The Ground on January 7th, a powerful film that demonstrates how our relationship to food and farming directly impacts the planet as a whole. When we’re farming right, we can regenerate our soil, build community, strengthen local economies, promote biodiversity, restore ecosystems, fight climate change, and heal our bodies. 

In the post-film Q&A with producer Ryland Engelhart, he reflected that the film missed the mark in recognizing the long history of regenerative agriculture by Native Americans and other BIPOC groups.  For a more balanced view of contributions and current leaders in the movement:

Check out this post by the Young Agrarians that highlights 8 contributions of black farmers to regenerative agriculture.

To keep informed, check out this list by the Rodale Institute on 19 BIPOC farmers and environmentalists to follow on Instagram.

Also, our upcoming EcoFarm Conference with Sierra Harvest features indigenous and BIPOC leaders in the regenerative agriculture movement, include this pre-conference event on January 13th, Regenerative Agricultural Systems: Equity and Inclusion Healing People and the Planet.

If you missed our Q&A with Ryland after the movie, you can still watch it here.  If you missed the film, you can still watch it on Netflix. 

Wondering who the lucky viewer was who won a free pass to EcoFarm? Congratulations to ticket winner Savannah Mendoza!