Land Acknowledgement

We acknowledge that we belong to the land, the land does not belong to us.

Sierra Harvest programs take place across Nevada County and beyond, on land that is unceded territory of Native tribes who lived here for thousands of years, and still live here, including the Nisenan, Tsi Akim, and Mountain Maidu. We recognize the painful history of destruction and genocide experienced by these tribes and their ancestral lands.

Food justice is at the core of our mission, and it’s our responsibility to recognize and help dismantle systemic injustices that continue to negatively impact the health and wellness of any members of our community, as well as the land that feeds us.

We are grateful for opportunities to learn from our local tribal members and work collaboratively to bring more health, balance and connection to the people and land of our region. We invite you learn more about local tribal members and how to support their tribal sovereignty. 

Nisenan Land Acknowledgement

Visit Uba Seo Nisenan Arts & Culture in Nevada City and learn more at www.