New Farm to School Partners for 2013-14

Live Healthy is pleased to welcome FOUR new farms and a new school to our farm to school program for 2013-14. Mountain Bounty Farm supplied much of the produce for our Harvest of the Month Program in 2012-13, and this year they will be joining us as an official farm partner for Nevada City School of the Arts, who is also new to our program this year.

mountainbounty Mountain Bounty Farm is a 15-acre family farm located on the San Juan Ridge. They grow vegetables, fruits, and cut flowers for their Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program. The farm is run by John Tecklin and Angie Tomey, who share a love for the land and a passion for eating good food.    

Boxcar Farm, Fulcrum Farm, and the Living Lands Journeyman Program will also be working with us as farm partners for the first time this year — they will be partnering with Scotten, Clear Creek, and Grass Valley Charter to provide produce, starts, and seeds for their garden stands, and farm field trips that integrate standards-based science curriculum for third and sixth graders.boxcar_amie

Amie Fenwick and her dog, Liam own and work Boxcar Farm in Nevada City. Amie’s mission is to sell as much of her produce locally– within ten miles of the farm site– as possible via a CSA program. Boxcar grows heirloom varieties of several different kinds of vegetables.

fulcrumFulcrum Farm in Penn Valley grows three varieties of corn, buckwheat, sorghum, barley, quinoa and amaranth — all highly nutritious grains, but their real love is compost, which they also sell. Farmers Lisa Bjorn and Marney Blair were recognized in 2005 as Nevada County’s Conservationists of the Year.

llanLiving Lands Agrarian Network (LLAN) provides training and mentorship to a new generation of farmers. Their unique model of cooperative, sustainable agriculture integrates education, resource sharing, community partnerships, and celebration around the food they grow. Journeyman farmers have at least two years of farm experience, and run a small farm or plot for one year on one of LLAN’s farm sites to gain additional experience with assistance and mentorship from LLAN.

Here is a full list of Live Healthy’s 2013-14 Farm to School Partnerships:

Bell Hill: Starbright Acres

Clear Creek: Fulcrum Farm

Deer Creek: Food Love Project

Grass Valley Charter: Living Lands Journeymen

Lyman Gilmore: First Rain Farm

Mt. St. Mary’s: Sweet Roots Farm (produce) / Bluebird Farm (field trips)

Nevada City School of the Arts: Mountain Bounty

Ready Springs: Animal Place

Scotten: Boxcar Farm

Seven Hills: Food Love Project

Yuba River Charter: Woolman Farm

To become a farm or school partner, or for more information about Live Healthy’s Farm to School program, visit the Farm to School program page or contact us at