Pick or Donate Your Fruit: Two Magnificent Ways to Help Your Neighbors

HARVEST local, ripe and delicious fruit and veggies this summer and fall from Nevada County farms and home orchards and donate this fresh, yummy goodness to the Interfaith Food Ministry (IFM) that serves 8,000 clients (including 25% children)!  Sign-up today to be a rock star Gold Country Gleaner and help reduce food waste in Nevada County, feel awesome about helping others and take a wee bit of the produce home too.

All details on the website volunteer pageYou must be a registered volunteer through our new website system to sign-up for the gleans.  There is a handy dandy calendar to view the upcoming gleans available.

Help double our donations this year!  Volunteers picked and donated more than 10,000 pounds in the 2018 gleaning season to IFM.

DONATE your extra fruit to those in need!  It’s super easy…just complete the online form,  and a volunteer Harvest Leader will contact you to set up the perfect day and time for the glean utilizing our team of amazing volunteers.  Minimum of 25 pounds of fruit desired.  Your extra fruit can make a meaningful difference in someone’s life providing better nutrition.

fruit donation to IFM 2018