Land Bank

If you are interested in finding out more about any of these properties, please contact Sierra Harvest.

#1707 Ingenium Expressive Art Village

Location: Nevada City

Total Acreage: 48 acres (3 lots)

Estimated acreage for farming or ranching: 1 1/2 acres suitable for row crops, 1-2 acres irrigated pasture, 2-4 acres dryland pasture

Land Description: South sloping large open areas with trees in the backdrop (oaks, pines, blackberries). Large pond. Farmed previously as the Thomas Ranch. Deer fenced with some lifestock fencing. 1/2 acre garden. Owner would consider work trade for caretaker and gardener.

Water availability: NID 1/2 miner inch. 20 gpm well. Hose bibs at garden site. 

Housing availability: Yes if you choose to join the village. visit the website to learn more.


#1708 Richards Grassfed Beef

Location: Oregon House

Total Acreage: 6,000 acres

Estimated acreage for farming or ranching: 2 to 3 acres suitable for row crops, no acres of irrigated pasture, 2,500 acres dryland pasture

Land Description: Oak foothills with open exposure with clusters of large oak groves. Several ponds and some surface water seasonally. Owners are currently operating a 6 generation certified organic grassfed pasture-raised beef business with their own cow herd. There is a large barn, many tools, and a 10×12 walk-in cooler. Fully Livestock fenced. Owners are interested in  and know of markets for other animals besides cows. looking primarily for sheep, pigs, goats. Also possibility for orchard, berries, vegetable or flower farm. Owner would consider a cash-lase arrangement.

Water availability: 50 gpm well with a solar pump and storage that needs work

Housing availability: Trailer or yurt pad with septic and water


#1706 South Wolf Creek

Location: South Nevada County/Brewer Rd. area

Total Acreage: 4.5 acres

Estimated acreage for farming or ranching: 1 to 2 acres suitable for row crops, 2-3 acres irrigated pasture, 1 acre dryland pasture

Land Description: Open rollings foothills. Small barn, gates and animal fencing. two low lying areas with better soil. Year round creek at bottom of property. Currently sheep on the property. Owner wants management of the land to benefit the soil. Garden area will be deer proofed/fenced by owner. 

Water availability: NID. Pumped out of creek into auto valves with rainbirds and storage tank with pump to hose bibs. 

Housing availability: Yes, 525 Sq.Ft. for rent $1,000/mo (could trade food grown for partial rent)


#1705 Raccoon Trail

Location: Chicago Park area

Total Acreage: 5.1 acres

Estimated acreage for farming or ranching: 1/2 to 1 acre suitable for row crops, 1 acre irrigated pasture, 1 acre dryland pasture

Land Description: East sloping to flat meadow with gray and ponderosa pines and Oak trees. Some fencing and fence posts but no wire. Never been farmed. Ground squirrels present. There is a large garden shed and shack that could be used.

Water availability: NID 1/2 miners inch, 12 gpm well water with 2,500 gallon tank. 2 ” line and hose bibs. 

Housing availability: Possibly

Landowner would need to be reimbursed for water costs and possible road maintenance fee.


#1704 Rocky Meadow Ranch

Location: Auburn, near Lake of the Pines

Total Acreage: 8.5 acres

Estimated acreage for farming or ranching: 1/2 acre suitable for row crops, 1/2 acre irrigated pasture, 1/2 acre dryland pasture

Land Description: Rolling foothills, some oaks, some open spaces. Irrigated pasture could grow row crops. Old fruit trees. Landowner have horses and manure on site is available. Livestock fencing. Never been farmed.

Water availability: NID 2 miners inch, pumped to sprinklers on pasture and gravity to hose bib.

Housing availability: None

Landowner would consider food/work trade.


#1703 Newcastle

Location: Newcastle

Total Acreage: 1-2 irrigated pasture

Estimated acreage for farming or ranching: 1-2 acres irrigated pasture

Land Description: Rolling hills, oaks, rocks, top of hill west and south sloping fields, great valley view. 4″ livestock fencing

Water availability: 1 1/2 miners inch pumped to hose bib.

Housing availability: None

Landowner would consider cash-lease, cows, goats, sheep, pigs, poultry.


#1702 North San Juan

Location: North San Juan, Nevada County

Total Acreage: 1 +

Estimated acreage for farming or ranching:  1+

Land Description: Full  sun. Level. South west slope, no trees, good road access, possible farm stand.

Water availability: 17 g.p.m, pvc hose bib to top of site.

Housing availability: Possible

No livestock fencing, never farmed before, landowner looking for annual fruits, vegetables, flowers, landowner looking to food/work trade.


#1701 Quail Valley

Location: Quail Valley, Colfax, Nevada County

Total Acreage: 2-3 row crops, 5 dry pasture

Estimated acreage for farming or ranching:  5

Land Description: Full sun, soil looks good, bottom land fairly flat. No livestock fencing, it was farmed before pears & apples.

Water availability: 1 miners inch, gravity NID ditch, pond and 2 springs

Housing availability: Bring your own trailer

Landowner is interested in cows, goats, sheep, pigs, poultry, orchard, berries, annual fruits, vegetables, flowers. Landowner will consider food/work trade or other. Or workers co-op. Owner is looking for 3-4 families or a group to collaborate with farm business.


#1613 Cement Hill

Location: Cement Hill, Nevada City, Nevada County

Total Acreage: 6

Estimated acreage for farming or ranching:  1/2 to 1 acre. Not fenced.

Land Description: Full summer sun. Level. Cherry trees. Previously gardened. Has gopher issues.

Water availability: NID ditch with 13 to 15 gallon pump

Housing availability: None


#1612 Cat Tail

Location: Chicago Park, Nevada County

Total Acreage: 5.5

Estimated acreage for farming or ranching:  2/3 acres. 1/2 acre fenced with nylon fencing. Has t-posts.

Land Description: Full summer sun . Pines in the south may shade in winter. Year round creek. Previously vegetable garden and orchard. Owner has tractor and other resources to share.

Water availability: Pump in pond (5 gpm), shallow well (15 gpm)

Housing availability: Possible trailer