#2302 – Highway 174 – You Bet Road

Location: You Bet Road and Highway 174.

Total Acreage: 5

Estimated acreage for farming or ranching: 5

Land Description: The property is split by Lost Lake Rd.  Pasture on west side of Lost Lake Road.  Barn, chicken house and small garden on the east side of the road.  The 3-acre pasture has seasonal creek down the middle and has livestock perimeter fencing.  Full sun. Part of the barn, chicken house and east garden area are currently being use.  This area can be used for pig, goat, compost development from abundant organic matter.  Partial sun in this area.  Might have a tractor available for usage with all the attachments.  A sawmill is also available so there is lots of lumber available.

Water availability: Seasonal spring with a 4,000-gallon storage.  In 2022, a new 12 gpm well was installed to supplement spring in low water years.  The spring pump and well pump discharge to a 1,500 gallon storage tank.  Therefore, there is 25 psi water pressure supply to the pasture, barn, chicken house on the lower part of the property.  More water storage on the hill could be added. 

Housing availability: There is the potential for mobile home farmer housing.

Landowner interested in: 

  • Production of food

Arrangement landowner most interested in: 

  • Fairly flexible with leasing and share of the crop. Might not need to lease – just share the food produced.