#2306 – Bitney Springs and Empress – Nevada City

Location: Nevada County

Total Acreage: 5

Estimated acreage for farming or ranching: 5

Land Description: About 3-acres are designated prime farmland with full sun and no trees.  There is a small designated environmentally sensitive area due to it being a wetland.    It is available for the next 5 years until they build on it. There is no fencing, electricity or septic. 

Water availability: 21+ gpm well with a brand new RPS solar well pump and panels producing 10+ gpm during sunlight hours. NID is located on the next parcel over, but there aren’t any inches yet available through NID.

Housing availability: No

Landowner interested in: 

  • Orchard and berries
  • Chickens and goats
  • Annual fruits, vegetables and flowers
  • Certified Organic

Arrangement landowner most interested in: 

  • Cash lease
  • Open to sharing in the investment of perennials or other alternative. 
  • Trade