Property By Region: Nevada City

Location: Nevada City

Estimated acreage for farming or ranching:  0.25 acres

Land Description: Looking to sublease a portion of the 1.5 acres in cultivation as Bluebird Farm on the Woolman campus.
Up to 12,600 sq feet of growing space (could be less) that is prepped and amended and in rows with overhead sprinklers on automatic timer. Potential to add drip irrigation as well.  Potential access to tools, cooler, propagation house, trays, and mentorship. Great incubator option for someone who wants to trial running their own farm.  Potential for land for animals on the property as well.

Landowner interested in: Annual fruits, vegetables, flowers.  Certified organic.  Potential for animals.  

Water availability and infrastructure:  70 pounds of pressure gravity fed, filtered and clean.  15 miners inches on the land. 

Arrangement landowner most interested in: Cash lease

Housing available?  Potentially


#2306 – Bitney Springs and Empress – Nevada City

Location: Nevada County

Total Acreage: 5

Estimated acreage for farming or ranching: 5

Land Description: About 3-acres are designated prime farmland with full sun and no trees.  There is a small designated environmentally sensitive area due to it being a wetland.    It is available for the next 5 years until they build on it. There is no fencing, electricity or septic. 

Water availability: 21+ gpm well with a brand new RPS solar well pump and panels producing 10+ gpm during sunlight hours. NID is located on the next parcel over, but there aren’t any inches yet available through NID.

Housing availability: No

Landowner interested in: 

  • Orchard and berries
  • Chickens and goats
  • Annual fruits, vegetables and flowers
  • Certified Organic

Arrangement landowner most interested in: 

  • Cash lease
  • Open to sharing in the investment of perennials or other alternative. 
  • Trade

#2305 – Nevada City and Grass Valley – 2 Properties

Location: Jones Bar Road (Nevada City) and Highland Dr. (Grass Valley)

Total Acreage: 10 acres (Nevada City) and 6 acres (Grass Valley)

Estimated acreage for farming or ranching: 10 and 6

Land Description: The Nevada City property has a lots of sun, the soil is depleted but the owners have been watering and building up the soil in the past year.  There is basic fencing to extend from the deer-fenced vegetable garden.  There are oaks, pines and manzanita.  The Grass Valley property is higher up and cooler with oaks and cedars.  It is more shaded with better soil.  There are fences and outbuildings for livestock and chickens.  There is a sunny terraced 1-acre garden (without a deer fence).

Water availability: 1-2 miners inch (Nevada City) and NID water is available (Grass Valley)

Housing availability:  Potentially yes.

Landowner interested in: 

  • Cows, goats, sheep, pigs, poultry
  • Orchard and berries
  • Annual fruits, vegetables and flowers
  • Certified Organic
  • Collaborate on value-added products

Arrangement landowner most interested in: 

  • Food/work trade

#2103 – Warm Microclimate Near Nevada City

Location: Near Nevada City

Total Acreage: 15 acres.

Estimated acreage for farming or ranching: 15 acres.

Land Description: Land in a warm micro climate near Nevada City.  Strong community working to develop homesteading properties, into growing more food for the community.  Large garden and orchard, fenced. New 15 acre parcel will be brushed in the 2021 season.  Looking for a serious farmer to help develop farm and orchards.  

Water availability: 3 wells one on each property.

Housing availability: Potential for housing in the community.   

Landowner interested in:

  • Farmer to help develop farm and orchards and grow food for a community.