Property By Region: North San Juan

5042 – South Yuba Farm

Location: North San Juan, Nevada City

Estimated acreage for farming or ranching: 18

Land Description: 400 acres with driving access to an epic 1.2 miles of private South Yuba River just above Bridgeport at 1600ft elevation. 1 acre fenced and irrigated garden, 100 fruit trees, small barn, beautiful tiny house, 10 acre electric fence with 2 horses in it. Great Hip Camp opportunity to diversify income. 30×60 greenhouse, 5 wells, 30,000 gal water storage.  Another 40 acres of little forested grazing land adjacent to the main 20 acre meadow agricultural area. There’s so much to see on the property it takes 2-3 hours to go around it on an ATV. Excavator and skid steer on site.

Water availability:  5 solar wells adding up to about 25 gal/min.  3 storage tank zones with 30,000gal water storage.  Great gravity pressure at the garden site. 2 seasonal creeks, 2 unimproved fresh springs. 

Landowner interested in: 

  • Cows goats, sheep, pigs, poultry
  • Orchard, berries
  • Annual fruits, vegetables, flowers
  • Certified Organic

Arrangement landowner most interested in: 

  • Cash lease
  • Food/work trade
  • other

Housing Available?   Yes