Racial Justice Requires Food Justice

The recent killings of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbery have punctuated the centuries of systemic racism in our country with an immediate call to action. Sierra Harvest joins with all individuals and organizations that are committed to challenging ourselves, our communities, and our systems to create an equitable society for everyone, with freedom from violence, and opportunities to thrive.

Sierra Harvest is dedicated to examining and undoing our own biases while continuing to elevate our commitment to food and social justice. As a local food advocacy organization, it is our responsibility to recognize the many inequities throughout our food system, and promote community solutions for just food production and availability. We are committed to everyone having equal access to nutritious, local, fresh, and culturally appropriate food, grown in backyards or on farms. Our actions are to train next generation farmers, secure affordable agricultural land, provide gardens and garden education, educate children about the variety of foods and where they come from, develop markets for farmers and put control of healthy food production into the hands of the community.

Despite the fact that we are in a small, and largely white community, this does not absolve us from the responsibility to work toward justice in our region and beyond. We are part of a large movement, working with local partners and nationwide organizations, to dismantle an unjust food system, and replace it with food justice for all.

Learn until your view of life is so inexplicably shifted you’re uncomfortable. Learn until the way you engage racism is second nature, a part of you, a visceral response. Then keep learning until you have been humbled by the vast, interconnected nature of historical and current oppression, until you know you can never know it all.” – Nikki Silvestri

Want to see food and land justice for Black Americans nationwide?  Here are some organizations to support!


In solidarity,

The Sierra Harvest Team