School Lunches Around the World

By Wendy Van Wagner

Ok, so maybe it is my background in cultural anthropology, but I am endlessly fascinated by how people do normal things in other cultures. There are so many subtle differences (and similarities) that make each setting unique, but it is often the similarities that remind us of the common thread of our humanity.

I came across this photo essay showing typical school lunches in 20 countries…..some of the lunches really made me hungry, others not so much. What really struck me was the bounty of colorful vegetables and fruits in so many of the lunches, even in the poorer countries. So many of the lunches have 4 or more different parts to them!

Here are a few of my favorite lunches, take a look and chose your own! Maybe you will get some ideas for something yummy to pack in your own child’s lunch! I say bring back the thermos of hot soup concept! It appears that in other parts of the world, children are served pretty much the same foods as adults are and major kudos for the re-usable containers!

Serving French Fries in a school lunch somehow seems less harmful when it is accompanied by a grapefruit, mussels and artichoke!