Sierra Harvest Board Welcomes Three New Faces

Anyone who works in the world of nonprofit will tell you there is nothing more essential than a strong Board of Directors.  At Sierra Harvest we are extremely proud of the group of talented and resourceful community leaders who steer our business.  We are excited to welcome three new members to our team — each bringing their unique history and talent to help move Sierra Harvest forward with our mission.

shari elia - sierra harvest board member 2019Shari Elia is relatively new to Nevada County, having moved here about four years ago.  Having a personal passion for eating healthy and living healthy and for sharing the knowledge she has gained in helping others do the same, Sierra Harvest seemed to be a good place to put her energy in giving back to the community.   In addition, she said, “Sierra Harvest is well and widely known among nonprofits as an extremely well-run organization and board.”  As this is her first time serving on a nonprofit board, she wanted to be sure she started out with a strong organization so she could learn to be an effective board member from the best.  Elia brings her experiences from an extensive career in high tech and sales to the organization.  Energizing teams around the vision is one of her many strengths and her experience in the execution of steps to complete projects is part of what she hopes to bring to the board.  Elia added she is so impressed with the mission and the people who work for the organization and excited to be part of it.

roger ingram - sierra harvest board member 2019Roger Ingram has lived in Nevada County since 1986.  He retired from the UC Cooperative Extension Livestock and Natural Resources Advisor and County Director for Placer and Nevada Counties in 2017 but has been actively involved in the agricultural community for decades.  He currently runs sheep with a partner and has moved from helping in an ex officio manner among the many agriculturally based nonprofits, to sitting on the Sierra Harvest Board of Directors.   Ingram’s history with the group goes back to the earliest days (before there was a Sierra Harvest) to when Aimee Retzler needed some financial help rehabilitating the school garden at what was then Hennessey School.  His work kept him involved with training beginning farmers and ranchers and he has spoken at Sierra Harvest’s Sustainable Food and Farm Conference.  He is looking forward to providing his experience within the agricultural community to give some input into Sierra Harvest as it looks for answers to some big questions around growth and scale.  Ingram said, “There are lots of exciting programs going on and I am excited to be part of the board.” 

laura barhydt - sierra harvest board memberLaura Barhydt proudly sits as the matriarch of three generations of her Nevada County family.  The Barhydt have raised beef cattle for decades and currently run the McCourtney Road Pumpkin Patch.  Laura said she has long admired Sierra Harvest and jumped at the chance to be part of an “organization that does such good work.”  She said she sees the difference Sierra Harvest is making, especially seeing children actually eating vegetables!  Her hope is to see Sierra Harvest and other agricultural groups working more closely together to find ways to keep agriculture alive in Nevada County.  Her connections to some of those other agencies will be helpful in making that happen.  She also hopes to introduce Sierra Harvest to more farmers and groups in the South County.   All along she has been very involved in getting healthy food to schools, so Sierra Harvest seems to be a perfect fit.  A retired educator, her experience brings a welcome, vast skillset to the board of directors.