Sierra Harvest Executive Director Transition and New Faces!

For the last 7 years, Malaika Bishop and Aimee Retzler have been building and guiding Sierra Harvest as co-directors. Starting March 1st, Malaika will be transitioning her role at Sierra Harvest to Stewardship Associate in order to make time to pursue her dream of starting her own farm! At that time Aimee Retzler will become the sole Executive Director of Sierra Harvest continuing to move our mission and vision forward along with our fabulous team of staff and volunteers. Malaika will continue to work with the organization focusing on stewardship and special projects.

“Sierra Harvest wouldn’t be where we are today without Malaika’s visionary leadership.  She can so clearly see well into the future and put together a plan that not only solves pressing issues for the people we serve, and also simultaneously builds community.  I will certainly miss my ‘partner in impact’ and I look forward to having our entire team support her as she launches her new farm business”. As part of this transition, new faces are coming to Sierra Harvest.

We are hiring an Associate Director who will join the leadership team of Sierra Harvest. This position will be bench strength for the Executive Director to put in place a succession plan for our future. We have been planning this transition since the spring of 2018 to ensure strength and continuity for the transformative work Sierra Harvest does in the community for decades to come. See our Associate Director job announcement here.

In addition, as part of this transition we would love for you to join us in welcoming our brand new Staff Director, Ruthie O’Hehir! Ruthie brings to Sierra Harvest her expertise in strategic business planning and marketing consultancy. She’s also a nutrition and movement coach and educator, personal trainer, and yoga teacher!  “I’m excited to become a part of the community through my work with Sierra Harvest” says Ruthie, “and for the opportunity to support a mission that can truly transform lives and communities now and into the future.”