Updates & Helpful Tips

Updates & Helpful Tips

Pests in Your Garden: What can you do?

Lenkland Photography

Here we are about a week away from the summer solstice and the longest day of the year. Your gardens are growing gangbusters, practically right before your very eyes. All looks good…the squash plants seem to double in size overnight, the peppers are setting blossoms, and your melons are starting to creep, and maybe you’ve even harvested your first zucchini. By all accounts, things are off to a great start. Continue reading “Pests in Your Garden: What can you do?”

Early Bird Farm Grows to Wilseyville

“When I first started farming, there was a romanticism about it, but it can be really challenging to make a profit.”

Drew Speroni first began farming in 2013, and he had a lot to learn.  After being laid off as a machinist because of his severe epilepsy, his faith in God guided him to become a farmer.  “Every chance I got I was helping Amanda at Food Love Farm, and I got a clear message that farming was what I needed to be doing.”  Not knowing how or what exactly to do, he heeded the call and started planting seeds in his backyard. Continue reading “Early Bird Farm Grows to Wilseyville”

Honey Bees Deliver March Harvest of the Month!

The bees have been busy! And we are grateful to Farm Biz graduate Cameron Redford and Black Sierra Honey Company, for filling 3,000 golden jars of their delicious, amber honey to share with Nevada County students this month! Beyond experiencing the delight of tasting raw, local honey, students learned the nutritional benefits that honey has over sugar – such as being rich in antioxidants and supporting healthy immune function – and how critical bees are for growing so many of the fruits and vegetables we enjoy every day.

Continue reading “Honey Bees Deliver March Harvest of the Month!”

Spring Plant Varieties: What’s in a Name?

Growing a garden isn’t rocket science, but it is a body of knowledge that comes partly from studying up, but also from trial and error, observation and participation. Part of what our Sierra Gardens program does is help take some of the guesswork out of growing fresh, organic vegetables at home.  One of the ways we do this is by providing the right starts and seeds for each season. Continue reading “Spring Plant Varieties: What’s in a Name?”

“Little Kale Gardens Everywhere” at Higareda Farm Feed Thousands of Students

“We have little kale gardens everywhere” says Sandra from Higareda Family Farm.  This certified organic dino kale, growing along the contours of her Browns Valley farm, were gobbled up by thousands of Nevada County school students during February’s Harvest of the Month. Continue reading ““Little Kale Gardens Everywhere” at Higareda Farm Feed Thousands of Students”

Planning for Nevada County’s Food Future

When it comes to agriculture, big isn’t always better.  Today 1% percent of farms operate 70% of the world’s farmland.  As we experienced in early 2020, a centralized and monopolized agriculture system broke during a time of crises.    

Now more than ever, there is an urgent call for what has been termed Whole-sum food: food that is nutritious, safe, humanely acquired, and is produced and distributed in a way that contributes positively to our environment and our local economy. Continue reading “Planning for Nevada County’s Food Future”