Updates & Helpful Tips

Updates & Helpful Tips

New Positions for Sierra Harvest Staff Members!

Miriam LimovWe are delighted to share that Miriam Limov, who many of you know as our beloved Engagement Manager, has been hired as our new Farm Institute Associate!  She has been playing many roles at Sierra Harvest over the last five years, and in this new capacity, she will be working with Molly Nakahara to help support and expand our Farm Institute Programs, continue the great work Lauren Scott has done to help more restaurants and institutions buy directly from local farmers, take the lead on the Nevada County Food Policy Council, and continue to manage Soup Night and Farm Potlucks.   

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Grow Your Own Recipe Challenge

Students participating in Harvest of the month programParents, have you found yourself in the role of teacher, principal and cafeteria chef at home?  Here are some fun and fresh ideas from our staff that you bring into your “school day”, including a chance to win prizes!

Grow Your Own Recipe Challenge

It’s easy to grow your own sprouts or microgreens at home – they are tasty and packed with nutrition! Join our Grow Your Own Recipe Challenge and you could win a $25 gift card to the BriarPatch Food Co-op! Here’s how:

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Need Food Assistance? Local Resources are Available to Help with Meals

students enjoying fresh veggies at a garden cart at a school 2019Due to job losses and isolation measures, many community members are suddenly faced with new challenges for feeding their families.  Our Nevada County community is working together to help those in need.  Here are some resources for you, friends, or loved ones that might need some extra help during this time.

Financial Assistance Programs Available Below

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Our Local Food Heroes

volunteers handing out food at interfaith food ministry 3-20Food has the power to bring people together. Even with social distancing practices in place, we have witnessed in these past weeks how our local food and farm community is working together to create more local food resiliency, help out those in need, and build stronger connections.   The local food community we have been building together in Nevada County is more essential than ever.

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Your Spring Garden

These are strange times to find ourselves in, and I hope that you all are staying home as much as you can, and staying as safe as you can be. Crises such as these present opportunities at the same time as they threaten security, and there is definitely no better time to put work into your home garden than the present moment. From food security to psychological well-being, a home garden can offer some bit of stability in these increasingly uncertain times. With that being said, we are gearing up to get started on our spring plant deliveries, and have compiled this planting guide to help you along once you receive your spring starts and seeds.

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Ecological Reflections on the Corona Virus from Dr. Vandana Shiva

Dr. Vandana Shiva - Food & Farm Conference Sierra HarvestDr. Vandana Shiva, keynote speaker at  our 2020 Sustainable Food & Farm Conference,  asked us recently to share this message with our community, and to let everyone how important this work is that we are all doing together.   We thank you for your part in building our local food economy – Sierra Harvest’s programs and the resulting transformation we see in our community would not exist without you.

We understand more poignantly than ever the importance of the resilience created by growing and preparing our own food!  We have pulled out some highlights of Dr. Shiva’s full essay below that link the destruction of nature, forests and animal habitat to the outbreak of disease globally.

Please share this message with your networks!

-The Sierra Harvest Team

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We are here for you!

tasting days - williams ranch 2019 - approvedSierra Harvest’s roots are grounded in community.  Since 2008, we have been working together to improve our collective health and wellness through local food. Today, we find ourselves feeling even more committed to our work ensuring the community has access to healthy food to nourish us as we embrace what is important.  

Even though schools are closed, we will continue to support children by providing assistance to food service directors as they offer school meals for pick up. We are also expanding educational materials on our website and social media that are chock full of farm fresh activities for children now at home.   

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The Right Tool For The Job

I am a lover of tools, and I am also a believer in using the right tool for the job. Having the proper tool (and knowing how to use it properly) increases your efficiency and quality of work done. Use this information as not only a garden lesson, but a life lesson!

The following are some musings and recommendations of mine on tools that you should probably have for your garden, including sources for those that might be harder to find. If you can’t afford the top of the line from the sources I post, know that you can generally find less expensive versions of all of these tools at your local hardware stores. You can often find basic garden tools at yard and estate sales. Also, consider checking out the Habitat For Humanity ReStore on Loma Rica Road. I have seen many quality used garden tools there at a great price.

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