Never Seconds- from the mouths of babes

“The good thing about this blog is Dad understands why I am hungry when I get home,” writes Martha.

Martha Payne is a 9 year old who lives in Scotland and started photographing, blogging and reviewing her school lunches in a Zagat style format. In a VERY short amount of time has gained notice from famed chef and school lunch reform advocate Jamie Oliver and well as students all over the world who have started sending her photos and descriptions of their own school lunches.” It started with a simple idea. What if food critics reviewed school lunches? Cafeterias would probably do a lot more to satisfy their customers.”

Never Seconds, as the blog is titled, is so powerful because it is actually from a child’s perspective who eats school lunches on a regular basis as opposed to parents and other health advocates. In this case, it really is the children asking for healthier food! As reported last week, Martha’s school has taken notice of all of the attention that is being brought because of her blog and the school lunch program now offers unlimited fruit, vegetables and bread.