Greg’s Organic Tomatoes- farm and farmstand visit in downtown Grass Valley

Greg Webber is an old friend of my husband’s- they knew each other in a former life that involved mountain bikes. Now Greg is a top notch tomato farmer and farming advocate- “It all started in my yard in 2009 with the passion for growing the best organic tomatoes which turned into a business.”

Greg now farms 7 acres in downtown Grass Valley and has accounts from the bay Area to Truckee supplying organic heirloom tomatoes summer through fall. His method is based in dry farming, “At Greg’s Organics we use no animal manure or animal products on our farms. We also dry farm our crops. On average we are using less than 10 gallons per month per plant.  Projected water use per acre is 50,000 gallons.  You can taste the difference and you can taste the love.”

I stopped by the farm to check out the low key farm stand he sets up each Thursday from 3-7 pm in order to cater to the after school and work rush in downtown Grass Valley. When Felix and I came by, Greg was eager to share tomatoes with us and teach us about the various varieties and methods he uses to grow his tomatoes.

I asked Greg how becoming a farmer has changed his daughter Amelia’s perspective on food (student at GV Charter) and he said that it truly has changed how she thinks about food, now knowing and understanding that you can grow all this from a few packets of seeds. Greg will be hosting and teaching a hands on segment on farming and food this year through Grass Valley Charter School. It will involve field trips to the farm to learn about growing your own food.

Greg sells his tomatoes at Briar Patch, but you can also get them Thursday from 3-7pm at his farm stand on East Main St in Grass Valley. For more info, check out: Greg’s Organics