Tasting Week Schedule for Nevada County Schools

LHNC and Nevada County Schools are teaming up to offer our first tasting week! The tasting week is designed to engage local chefs and students in experiential learning about food. This will be done through demos and tastings with food prepared in the classrooms by chefs for the students.

Tasting week is based off a program that was launched a few years ago in Palo Alto schools and is now Bay Area wide. Here is a great website to see what they are doing.

Deer Creek
Monday, October 29th
Chef Ike Frazee –> Marcia Darden ~ 2nd/3rd grade (30 students)   2-2:45pm
Tuesday, October 30th
Chef Wendy VanWagner –> Susan Mahaffy ~ kindergarten (28 students)  2-2:45pm
Chef Ike Frazee –> Emily Fevinger ~ 3rd/4th grade (28 students)   2-2:45pm
Chef Ian Ballantyne –> Andrea Marks ~ 4th grade (31 students)    2-2:45pm

GV Charter
Monday,  October 29th
Chef Atma Campbell –> Katie Surface ~ 7th grade (17 students)  1:45-2:30pm
Chef Mielle Rose–> Lisa Jarvis ~ 7th grade (19 students)   1:45-2:30pm
Tuesday October 30th
Chef Amy Cooke –> Shawna Campbell ~ 2nd grade (23 students)  1:30-2(ish)pm
Chef Doug Schma –> Audrey Hight ~ 2nd grade (22 students)   1:30-2(ish)pm
Thursday, November 1st
Chef Liam Blackmon –> Mary Lehmberg ~ 4th grade (24 students)   1-1:45pm
Chef Sat Kartar Khalsa –> Cynthia Grapel ~ 8th grade (20 students)  10-10:45am

Clear Creek
Friday, November 2nd
Chef Shan Kendall –> Carolyn Cramer ~ 4th/5th grade (30 students)  10-10:45am
Chef Eva Tobie –> Lisa Kaufman ~ 3rd grade (18 students), Mrs Cope ~ 2nd grade (17 students)   10:15-11